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New feature: Ticket Tasks List


Did you ever work with tickets that just grow too big and require multiple things to be accomplished before closed? Tracking all those things via notes can be too much sometimes. This is why we added the possibility to create a Tasks List at the ticket level. Now your team can keep track of those tasks right on the top of the Notes area! [ more details ]

P.S. iPhone/iPad will be updated with this feature soon.

UPDATE: iOS app updated to support this feature.


smartQ iOS app update: ticket image covers and more

Image Covers

smartQ iPhone and iPad apps update:

  • ticket image covers support
  • clickable URLs in ticket description and notes
  • improved performance

You can download the latest version via iTunes.



Welcome to our redesigned website!

smartQ website

Today we launched our newly redesigned smartQ website! We hope you will find it easier to navigate and to find information about smartQ.



Today we are celebrating our 5th anniversary!

For over five years we are helping a wide range of organizations from small local businesses to big companies around the world to manage their workload.

To help you stay productive we also launched our sister apps— SpiderScribe for brainstorming8am for contacts management and calendar, Firefly for design annotation. We are looking forward to improving smartQ and adding more integrations with other products.

Thank you for all the support! You can find us on Facebook, Twitter, Google+.



smartQ iPhone and iPad app update for iOS 9

iPhone app preview

We just updated our iOS app (iPhone & iPad) with fixes for iOS 9. Download the new smartQ app via iTunes.


Customer Story: U-Fab, Upholstery & Fabric Stores Inc.

smartQ is used by a wide range of businesses and organizations all around the world.

Check out how U-Fab, Upholstery & Fabric Stores Inc. uses smartQ to manage their orders since 2012!



Updated Team Selector

Team selector

We just updated our team selector component to list the project team members on the top (from any project role). This makes it much easier to select them when adding/editing a ticket or a note.


Customer Story: Cornerstone IT Consulting

smartQ is used by a wide range of businesses and organizations all around the world.

Check out how a small IT consulting team from Tennessee (Cornerstone IT Consulting) uses  smartQ to manage their business.

Cornerstone IT Consulting


smartQ integrations

Now you can attach files to your notes not only from your computer, but also from cloud services like Dropbox, Google Drive, Microsoft OneDrive, Box. Plus you can attach SpiderScribe mind maps from your brainstorming sessions and Firefly design screens from your graphic projects!



Custom sort

We just expanded the “rearrange tickets by” function in Board View with creation date and author options.