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smartQ app on BigCommerce

smartQ + BigCommerce integration is now available via smartQ app on BigCommerce. This allows linking a new smartQ account to a BigCommerce store in a few quick steps.

For existing smartQ accounts, contact our support for help. Soon this feature will be supported via project templates.

Link to Tickets in Notes

Now you can easily reference other tickets when posting Notes.

Merging tickets

Did you ever create duplicate tickets by mistake?

Now there is a way to merge two tickets within the same projects. It will merge the ticket properties, field values, notes and files.

A shoutout to our client Vicki H. from Fenton Rigging & Contracting (Cincinnati, Ohio) for suggesting this feature!

For over twelve years now, we have been helping a wide range of organizations from small local businesses to big companies around the world to manage their workload.

We would like to thank all our clients for their support! You can find us on FacebookTwitter.

smartQ + BigCommerce Integration

smartQ integration with BigCommerce online stores combines the power of both, by loading and updating your BigCommerce orders in real time as tickets in smartQ. [ read more ]

Automation is a powerful feature, but with all the possible triggers/actions, it may take time to figure out how to use it. To give you some ideas, we added a set of Rule Templates:

Read more about smartQ Automation.

Notification Center

We just added the Notification Center — a central location for your deadline alerts and Automation logs. [ more details ]

@mention feature

We added the @mention feature to notes— it will automatically add the selected users to the email list.

smartQ interface is now available in Ukrainian! 

In support of Ukraine, all new accounts from Ukraine will remain free till the end of hostilities — simply contact our support to qualify.

With that, smartQ is available in 11 languages now.

Want to see smartQ translated into your language? Any smartQ user can contribute (including the free trial accounts) — just use the “Options” menu on the top of your smartQ screen. There is a link there called “Translation Area” that will take you to the public translation area.

We just added the possibility to create new Rules based on the “Deadline Changed” condition — it will help you stay on top of your deadlines!