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Slack integration update: improved ticket creation

We just updated our Slack integration. Now, with the support of forms, you have even more control over the creation of smartQ tickets. Simply start with the command “/smartQ add” and you will be able to choose the project, assign deadline, etc. before creating the ticket – all of it within Slack!


Automation and General Report updates

We just added new updates to the Automation feature: “Ticket Archived” condition, “Star ticket” action and more.

We also added support for custom fields in the General Report.


smartQ celebrates 7-year anniversary!

Today we are celebrating our 7th anniversary!

For over seven years now, we have been helping a wide range of organizations from small local businesses to big companies around the world to manage their workload. We will continue building  smartQ as an easy to use and powerful platform for workflow management!

We would like to thank all our clients for their support! You can find us on FacebookTwitterGoogle+.



smartQ iPhone & iPad app updated for iOS11

We just updated our iOS app to run smoothly on iOS11. You can download the latest version via iTunes.


General Report

We just released General Report — a new feature that will allow you to filter your tickets in many ways and generate custom reports and statistics. You can easily filter tickets by team members, tags, color, etc. and see metrics like the ticket closing time or time spent in each stage. You can even include ticket Notes into the report. As with Performance Report, there is CSV/Excel export and print view.

Check General Report now and see how it can help you get a better overview of your projects.


Automation updates: new Actions and more!

We just added new features to Automation:

  • new Actions: “Assign to” and “Archive ticket”
  • “Required by” rule extended with the “yesterday” option – now you can create triggers for deadlines on the next day, not the day of the deadline.
  • Action Info added — who and when created it
  • Action logs improved
  • Various improvement and fixes, including for the actions not being triggered the second time on matching the same rule again (like missing the rescheduled deadline again).

We hope it will help you improve your workflow!


Customer story: Brockit Inc.

smartQ is used by businesses and organizations all around the world.

Today we are sharing the story of a studio-based photography company from Keweenaw Peninsula, Michigan. Brockit have been using smartQ and 5pm since 2009 to manage their projects. [ read the whole story ]


PDF files preview

We just added PDF files preview (thumbnails) – it will make it easier to identify documents.



We just released a great new feature called Automation. Now you can add to your projects specific rules that trigger automated actions!

Check Automation now and see how it can streamline your workflow.


User Logs

User Logs

We just added a new feature – User Logs. Now you will be able to see the history of changes related to tickets and projects. You can even restore a deleted item via those logs! [ read more ]