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Board View updates – display custom fields and more!

You can now display your custom fields in the Board View:

Also, for more control over it, we expanded Board View settings:

Read more about Board View.


New feature: Administrator Logs

Administrator Logs stores the history of who did what (added a ticket, updated a project, etc.). [ read more ]


New feature: Edit multiple tickets!

Edit multiple tasks

Did you ever need to edit multiple tickets at the same time? Now you can!

Simply switch to List View, or use Dashboard View (for tickets across all projects), then select the tickets and easily change their Stage, Assigned people, Tags or Color. You can even delete and archive them in bulk!


New feature: email notifications default settings

Default settings

We just added to global settings the option to change the default state of the email notifications when adding new tickets and notes. If email notifications are essential to your workflow and your teammates keep forgetting to select them, now you can make the notifications enabled by default.


New feature: Paste images

Paste Image

You can now paste images directly into a smartQ board to create a ticket, or into a note to add an attachment. Simply copy an image, for example from web, using right click and selecting “Copy Image”. Then you can use “CTRL + v” (Windows) or “command + v” (Mac) to paste it into a board or a note.

P.S. This feature is not supported by Safari at this point, but works in all other browsers.


6 years!

Today we are celebrating our 6th anniversary!

For over six years we are helping a wide range of organizations from small local businesses to big companies around the world to manage their workload.

Recently we added the integration with 8am for contacts management and calendar tool  — now you can show smartQ tickets in a calendar view. And we are working on a new big feature — Automations.

Thank you for all the support! You can find us on Facebook, Twitter, Google+.


New ticket colors!

New Colors

We just added more tickets colors (dark) ! Now you have even more ways to distinguish your tickets.


smartQ + 8am integration

8am integration

8am is a contact management and calendar tool that can be used together with smartQ — now you can display your smartQ tickets in a 8am calendar view! [ read more ]



smartQ iPhone & iPad app updated for iOS10

Image Covers

We just updated our iOS app to run smoothly on iOS10. You can download the latest version via iTunes.



Customer Story: Print New Hampshire

Print New Hampshire

smartQ is used by businesses and organizations all around the world.

Today we are sharing the story of a graphic and signs printing shop from New Hampshire. Print New Hampshire / Spectrum Signs have been using smartQ since 2014 to organize their large format print jobs from layout through printing, cutting, finishing, and shipping. [ read the whole story ]