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smartQ for Alexa Skill is out!

Now you can use Alexa to interact with smartQ! Get the list of tickets assigned to you, check which ones are due today or overdue, or even add new tickets with a simple voice command.

smartQ for Alexa

You can read more about it on our website. To install the skill go to Amazon website.

You can create tickets in smartQ via email by manually sending the emails to the smartQ tickets email address, but you can also automate it via email forwarding. This allows, for example, to create tickets from any email coming to a specified email box, or even create tickets in corresponding projects/boards, depending on conditions (like where the emails are coming from). The post below explains how.

While this post is using Gmail as an example, such forwarding and filters can be set up in any other email client.

Let’s say you have a Gmail account, and you want every received email in that email box to create a ticket in smartQ. That’s a typical setup for a Help desk.

To setup email forwarding in Gmail, go to Settings:

Gmail Settings
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Custom logo support and more!

You can now easily add your logo to smartQ and even customize your favicon:

You can also add a welcome message for your users on the login page or a custom header/footer to email notifications coming from smartQ.

This feature is available to Admins via the “options” menu.

Copy tickets between projects

When you area creating a new project, now it is possible to also copy into it all the tickets from a different project.

Reply to Notes update

“Reply” function on notes now automatically includes the email
notification for everybody that received the original note’s email
notification (if it was sent), excluding the person posting the reply.

I means that when somebody posts a note and sends an email notification about it to a group of people, when “Reply” is clicked on that note — the people included in the original email notification will automatically be included into the reply note email notification (the author of the post being excluded):

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Emojis smartQ

smartQ now supports emojis (Win+period shortcut in Windows). You can add them to the ticket names, into your messages, even your user name. Have fun!

Now you can open and share any supported files (PDF, Excel, Word, Photoshop, Illustrator, etc.) on your iPhone.

It just got easier to deal with the long notes. Instead of scrolling through all the text, now you can simply preview a part of the note and expand it if you need to read it all.

Today we are celebrating our 8th anniversary!

For over eight years now, we have been helping a wide range of organizations from small local businesses to big companies around the world to manage their workload. We will continue building  smartQ as an easy to use and powerful platform for workflow management!

We would like to thank all our clients for their support! You can find us on FacebookTwitterGoogle+.


When you are editing multiple tickets, now you can also assign them a deadline, change their start color or even clone them.