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smartQ Universal Importer – import CSV/Excel data files

smartQ Universal Imported is a new feature that makes it easy to import Tickets from external files.

UImporter allows loading into smartQ of CSV or Excel files – it automatically tries to detect the fields and will allow you to map them manually.

You can access this feature from the “options” menu (if you are an Account Administrator). We also already support the import of data from 5pm project management app.

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  • Ben February 20, 2012, 9:16 am

    Your importer came just in time as i was busy transferring about 70 jobs into a workflow i designed.
    So here is some feedback for you:
    The importer sped things up as i wouldnt have been able to enter 70 jobs in a day’s time, but the importer brought about an error each time i tried to import. I coulnt figure out what the error meant, but i kept trying different things until i discovered that the importer was willing to accept about 35 records, not 70. So i imported in two separate batches.
    The next problem was that i saw many of my imported fields were empty. So not being able to delete my records i had to recreate my project under a different name, change my csv file’s fields and re-import. After doing this about 10 times i discovered that the only fields being imported were the default ticket fields that comes with the ticket template. Even though i create additional fields in smartQ and mapped them out during import setup, it still didnt accept them during import.
    Anyway, i finally concatenated my additional columns in my csv into one DESCRIPTION column and imported all my info under the existing template fields.
    Now i’m finally up and running with nearly 90 jobs (tickets) in my workflow which consist of 26 stages and are being used by my entire business (well 4 people) working at various locations.
    Thx guys…works alright so far.

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