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Submit tickets by email, through external form and even from non-registered users!

We are excited to release the biggest update of this year! It includes:

  • Email integration – create tickets through email and answer to email notifications directly through email [more info ]
  • External Form – create tickets through an external form [ more info ]
  • External Access – people not registered in your smartQ account can submit tickets and track their status through a simplified interface [ more info]

These new features make it possible to use smartQ as a Help Desk or Issue tracking app, with anybody being able to submit tickets without any registration.  It expands considerably the projects and workflows smartQ can manage – we are looking forward to see all the possible usages you will come up with!

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  • J September 16, 2012, 4:52 am

    This is a great addition, however, it does not appear one can customize the fields on the external form. So if I embed this external form code and place it on my site, i can’t control the fields that the user has to enter? Or am I missing something.

    If this is not possible, it makes it hard to use the external form if you can’t control what it looks like, or at least make it the exact same fields that the “ticket” contains (which would make the most sense).

    If not possible, can third party products integrate so that exact entered fields on a third-party form can submit a ticket with all that customized info?

    Thanks for any help you can provide. I absolutely love this product, but to use it on the external form front, using the exact ticket fields or customization would be needed.


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